It used to be the case that in a university setting, engineering curricula was somewhat loosely defined due to there being so many career options available to engineers. Many different fields hire engineers. But colleges and universities won’t see an increase in enrollment in engineering programs if students are unaware of what an engineering degree can actually lead to in terms of career options. This will especially be the case with females who may view engineering careers through a limited and unappealing lens.  In an effort to broaden the viewpoint of these young women and encourage them to take a closer look at engineering, I’d like to share some lists of career choices that are available to those with engineering degrees. Hopefully, we will uncover some of the lesser-known paths and kindle an interest in some of these bright girls to begin their journey toward a degree in engineering.  With an electrical engineering degree, you can do:

  • Software development
  • Electronic chip design
  • Power and lighting systems design
  • Satellite design, development, or manufacturing
  • Medical technology development

With a mechanical engineering degree, you can work in:

  • Green careers, such as fuel efficient car, motor, or appliance design
  • Robotics for manufacturing or even household use
  • Aerospace, such as designing safe and reliable space suits
  • Government defense programs
  • Biomedical design of prosthetics, artificial organs, or mobility devices

With a civil engineering degree, you can:

  • Design and build dams, waterways, and bridges
  • Do fieldwork inspecting construction sites for design, environmental impact, or government regulations issues, and more
  • Be a drafter, drawing plans and blueprints for pipeline, sewage, and highway systems
  • Be a surveyor, measuring land and its boundaries and drawing topographical maps to be used in deeds and leases

These are but a sampling of the choices available to those with a degree in engineering. Within any of these categories, you could take the path of entrepreneur, like I did, and own and run your own business!  If you are a young woman getting ready to decide on a major, take a good hard look at engineering. The choices available to you may be surprising.