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Starting with elementary school band, and evolving through choir, theater, and high school band, my passion for music has developed with me my entire life. I grew up playing video games, and I always remember being so drawn to the soundtracks of games, often forgoing the game to instead become enveloped in the sound. Whether… Read More

Internships & apprenticeships can play a crucial role in shaping the career of an individual. Not only are they vital in developing our skills as effective workers, but they also help us develop people skills and build important relationships that could prove vital in the future. I believe they help you learn about yourself and… Read More

Whether functional or purely aesthetic, lights and other electronic infrastructure require reliable power. As an electrical engineering company, we know that reducing energy costs is a priority for many homeowners and businesses alike. With proper forethought, there are several strategies that can be implemented through efficient electrical design to help minimize energy usage and save… Read More

As the 2021 AGC PINNACLE & Safety Award Winning project in the Sustainability & Sensitivity to Environment, History, and/or Culture Renovation category, PK Electrical would like to highlight Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in our hometown of Reno, Nevada.  Having served on the design team as electrical engineering consultant providing the power and lighting controls systems design… Read More

Photovoltaic (PV) energy, also referred to as solar energy, is a clean, renewable source of power which converts sunlight into thermal or electrical energy.  The electrical energy produced through PV sources is then converted into electricity. There are three major types of solar energy:  passive, active, and thermal solar. Passive solar energy systems are built… Read More

What is there to lighting?  Picture it.  You walk into a room and can’t see, so you flip on a switch, right?  Or you walk into a public space like your office, or a store and the lights are just on.  You can see just fine so you think nothing of it and go about… Read More

Each year the Nevada Women’s Fund hosts an event to recognize extraordinary women in the northern Nevada community.  The mission of the Nevada Women’s fund is to remain, “dedicated to strengthening our community by empowering women to improve their lives and those of their families”.  The organization is governed by a Board of Directors including… Read More

Founded in 1996 by Karen Purcell, P.E., PK Electrical has grown from a small local business to a nationally recognized electrical engineering firm. This would not have been possible without our thoughtful leadership and innovative designs. The firm has had the privilege of continuing to work with the clients that it began working with 25… Read More

Washoe County School District is building a new high school on the former Wildcreek Golf Course. Procter Hug High School is WCSD’s first new high school designed and built since 2003. Currently, under construction, the school will have three stories and span 295,000 sq ft inclusive of a 435-seat performing arts center, three gymnasiums, labs… Read More