Revit Certification

Production Manager, Matt Gelineau, is the first person in Northern Nevada to receive the “Autodesk Certified Professional: Revit® MEP Electrical” certification.

Autodesk is a software corporation that specializes in programs for architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries. There are various online trainings and educational resources offered through the website. Autodesk also has certifications that are tailored towards various disciplines in order to showcase the mastering of a program and enable industry recognition for personal and career advancement.

Matt took the certification test in early September. He traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah and passed with an 88%. He initially found out about the test when he was going to a school; his professors would talk about it and said that the certification would be a great thing to add a portfolio.

When the opportunity for him to take the test became available, he felt prepared because of the vast amount of working experience he has with the program. Matt has been working with REVIT for four years. Matt feels that the test would have been more difficult if he didn’t have as much experience. He felt that one of the most difficult components of the test was when he had to focus on the small details of the program. The test was two hours long and had multiple choice, fill in the blank, and software skill assessment.

To view Matt’s certification, click here.

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