Electrical Engineers Need to Express Themselves Too The Monday Morning Meeting Gathered around our big layout table is where you will find the employees of PK Electrical on a typical Monday morning; even the Denver office joins us via telephone. Our Monday Morning Meeting is a great way for us to stay connected to each other on the business side of things and keeps the bond that we have in our personal relationships. Each meeting starts with WIFLE or “What I Feel Like Expressing”. Going around the table, we take turns talking about our weekend, events in our lives or even what we had for dinner the night before. With a team of electrical engineers, you might assume we are all Type A personalities, but that’s not necessarily the case. Whatever we feel like expressing here is fair game. After Each Engineer Gets Out Their WIFLE… Engineering Operations Manager, Joey Ganser, or Principal, Karen Purcell, will then lead the rest of the meeting. This is when we get into the nitty-gritty of our internal milestones and goals. We will go over any projects that may be due or need attention at this time. This helps us keep visibility on which projects our firm is currently handling and keeps us all on the same page. Lastly, we go around the table once more to bring up any topics which might have been missed. To some people, a 30-minute weekly meeting might seem like a waste of time, but we truly believe this is one of the tools used by our team of engineers and electrical design consultants that helps tremendously with PK’s great success.

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Around the layout table

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